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Solving Organizational People Problems: The People Side of Business


As an organizational and business consultant, I offer people oriented consulting services to organizations, hospitals, government offices, courts, school systems and businesses. Additionally, I also specialize in the collaborative divorce process.


Organizational Business Consulting & Collaborative Services


The primary goal of my consulting approach is to provide services structured to the unique needs of you and your organization. Consultation should be viewed as an ongoing processrather than an event. This is consultation that works with your culture, but from the “outside” where my perspective is not constrained by being an employee. Synthesizing the nuanced knowledge of your culture, context, and team, I help guide your growth and change process. My services include:



I know people, people processes, and people organizations. As a psychologist consultant I know people and their capacity to grow. As a change specialist, I know people processes, tailoring interventions to the unique needs of individuals and organizations. As an organizational specialist I know people organizations, and can help produce a culture of high performance. When people function at their best it makes them happy and helps the organization achieve its goals.


You can turn to DeMaio Consulting to help you:
  • Build leadership

  • Create cohesive, productive teams

  • Merge staff and organizational cultures

  • Resolve internal conflicts

  • Provide one-on-one executive coaching

  • Strengthen family businesses

  • Promote organizational development

  • Facilitate adjustments for diversity

  • Develop a strategic plan for organizational change













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